Restaurant & Bar Guide for Ridgecrest, CA

Pizza Factory

1601 N Triangle Dr
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

In a country full of pizza joints... One must really work hard to rise above the proverbial herd of choices out there. In our experience, the Pizza Factory is the cream of the crop here in Ridgecrest Cali. Not only are they consistently the best tasting choice around, the owners work very hard in providing a comfortable and welcoming environment. Above that, you'll find that they really go above and beyond in giving back to the wonderful community that they're a part of. That's not something many establishments out there can boast of. We tip our caps to those who give back.

Mon Reve

126 Balsam St
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Outside of France and Montreal, we've not had much luck in finding good and authentic French cuisine outside of our own kitchen. Ridgecrest offers a true gem of a French cafe in Mon Reve. Here you'll find that the owner is omnipresent, and quite a fun character to boot. His personality carries throughout the place... which is a good thing! You feel welcome as soon as you open the door, and you'll feel oh so satisfied after your dining experience is carried through to completion.


120 W Ridgecrest Blvd
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Sometimes only a hearty and delicious Mexican meal will do. When finding yourself in that situation within the friendly boundaries of Ridgecrest, Olivera's is the place to be! Whatever is your favorite when it comes to south of the border cuisine, you can safely bet that Olivera's does it just right. While you won't find the most trendy decor here, who really cares when the food is as carefully and tastefully prepared as you get here. Top it off with a great brew and friendly, efficient staff, and you really have an outstanding place to fill your belly with the best Mexican food imaginable.

Saigon Flavor

819 N China Lake Blvd
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

While there may be many Chinese and Japanese restaurants throughout California, there's not nearly as many Vietnamese speciality cafes out there. Well, there's this gem of a kitchen right here in Ridgecrest for everyone to enjoy. Honestly, there's not much to nit pick about this place so, we'll just settle for telling you how fabulously delicious each meal we've tried here has been. They feature a vast selection of very healthy dishes that are above and beyond delicious. The dining experience itself isn't shabby at all, and has always kept us wanting to come back to sample more of this tasty menu.

The Grape Leaf

901 N Heritage Dr
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

The Grape Leaf does a superlative job at balancing their menu with exotic Middle Eastern cuisine and the latest American dishes. This means that there truly is something for everyone to enjoy when stopping in for a bite at the Grape Leaf. However, if you're going to go in, you really owe it to yourself to sample the Mediterranean regions tastiest cuisine... Right here in Ridgecrest! We're so hung up on the steak kabobs that we've really only tapped the tip of the iceberg on this place. But, from what we can tell, you're not going to go wrong no matter what you may order here.

Kristy's Family Restaurant

430 S China Lake Blvd
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

Kristy's Family Restaurant may be categorized as a traditional American dining experience, you'll find that they dip into other ethnicities within the vast selection of their menu. When in town, we're always looking for an excuse to stop in here and get a little local flavor. Family owned, we've always enjoyed chatting it up with the owner while waiting for our meals, or spending a few moments laughing with the personable staff. Doesn't hurt that the food is always generous and ever delicious. Even better? It's really affordable for what you get!