Affordable Limousine Rentals from Bakersfield Limo

One of the most common complaints with other limo rental companies is 'hidden fees'. There are many examples of these but we needn't take up time and space in listing all of them. Why? Because we practice not having a single hidden fee! It is literally against our policy. We are straightforward on pricing and our every other detail of business and we always will be! An example of how we don't take extra money out of your wallet is the dreaded 'Overtime fee'. This is a fee that happens quite often to people renting limos and party buses because they went a bit over on their time. Well, we HAVE NO 'overtime fee'. If you go over on your time, you are simply charged your already-low hourly rate ... even if it's pro-rated at 15 minutes or 30 minutes!

We also don't list flat-rates on our website because, in the limo and party bus rental business, there really are no flat rates - NOT FROM A COMPANY WISHING TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE LOWEST COST! We use many different factors to determine your rate and they are all utilized in ways to save you cash! The day of the week for your rental, the time of year, special rate packages and several other factors are worked in to every reservation!

While we encourage you to call around to other companies, we assure you that you will not find a better value in the Bakersfield area! Just because our vehicles and service are the best doesn't mean that you are going to pay more!

We pride ourselves on being world class and affordable for all occasions!