Restaurant & Bar Guide for Delano, CA

Mary's Heavenly Bites

1612 Ellington St
Delano, CA 93215

Commonly known to the locals as one of the area's finest "hidden gems", Mary's Heavenly Bites is consistent in serving up just what the name implies! Mary's takes up a unique twist on their menu concept. Since it's a very small kitchen, she rotates the menu on a daily basis. Don't worry though, Mary will cook up whatever will whet your appetite on any given day. Much of her popularity is based on her genuinely pleasant demeanor which is only aided by the unbelievably delicious, fresh, made from scratch meals that remind everyone of walking into grandma's house.

El Huarache Loco II

1127 Main St
Delano, CA 93215

If you're looking for a delicious Mexican dining experience at a place with an exceptional selection, you'll find that the spot to go in Delano is El Huarache Loco II. As with any dining experience however, you'll find that how you are treated during the course of your meal goes even further in developing a love for any place. You'll not be disappointed here either, as the folks at El Huarache Loco know how to make one feel right at home from the word go! If you're coming in with a particularly hearty appetite, you would be remiss if you overlooked the Torta Cubana which is packed with everything under the sun.

New China Restaurant

1021 Cecil Ave
Delano, CA 93215

New China is probably Kern County's favorite place for some delicious Chinese food. At least, it's the best we've been able to find! You can get just about any of the perennial favorites and some unique choices as well. No matter what you order here though, you're certainly not going to be disappointed. Another common line of praise about New China is the value. For what are already reasonable prices, you practically get two meals in one since the portions served here are so generous. Go at lunch time for an even better value for your money, or go at dinner and be wowed by the friendly help and fabulous selection.

Oishi Teriyaki & Sushi

1420 Main St
Delano, CA 93215

A few years back, finding good Sushi or Teriyaki in the city of Delano was impossible. Along comes Oishi to save the day! Don't let the appearance of this place put you off. It's what is inside that matters most. And even more importantly what they put inside your stomach. Honestly, you could go to a much finer looking establishment in a large metropolitan area and not find a better place to grab a Dragon Roll or some of your favorite Teriyaki barbecue. The friendly and accommodating family that owns this place know how to make you feel right at home, and even better... They know how to COOK!

Maui Pho Too Fusion Grill

1004 High St
Delano, CA 93215

While Asian Fusion may be a more popular trend these days when it comes to Oriental restaurants, we've got to say that Maui Pho Too really hits the mark every time we stop in for a bite. So far, the consensus favorite has to be the Pu Pu Platter which presents an abundance of food and a cornucopia of flavors in every single bite. The wait can be a bit much from time to time when they're busy. Trust us though, that flavor is well worth 2x the longest wait. Regardless of that, the help is always friendly and happy to explain anything on the menu for those who may not be familiar with this cuisine.

The Burger Joint

428 High St
Delano, CA 93215

As you might surmise from the name, The Burger Joint serves up some of the most tasty burgers this side of the Mississippi. However, what you may not guess in the name is that The Burger Joint is also a top choice when it comes to more traditional American meals like fried chicken, fish and chips, while also throwing in some "tex/mex" like taquitos and other such fare. Whatever you get may not be served with five-star style, but you will be getting one of the better affordable meals you've likely ever tasted. If you're not looking for a knock-your-socks off experience, go in for some truly delicious fixins!