Frequently asked questions for Bakersfield Limo

During each call we receive, we find that we are often asked a lot of the same questions by our potential clientele. Because of this, we decided it would be advantageous to both you and us to include a commonly asked questions page which will answer a few of the most commonly encountered queries received by our booking agents.

So, if you have some questions, you might find the answer you are looking for below! If not, don't worry, just give us a call and we'll be happy to go over anything you might need to know.


The total quote that you are given includes your sales tax, unlimited fuel and stops and also the minimum gratuity to the driver. Our drivers are known to put forth their utmost effort and are very experienced so, we urge you to give an additional tip if you believe that your driver has done an exemplary job.

One great thing about renting from a legitimate limousine rental company is that that same licensing allows for alcoholic beverages to be consumed on the buses/limos. Just remember: per law, your passengers must all be over legal drinking age and that the driver, himself, cannot provide the beverages.

No. For the enjoyment and safety of all of our customers, neither smoking no vaping is allowed on board or within 15 feet of the vehicles. For your convenience, however, if you wish to smoke your driver will gladly find a safe place to make a stop so you can take a break!

The amount of passengers listed on a particular vehicle on our site (and in description by phone) are based on Department of Transportation regulations, which allow for 14" of seating for each passenger. In our opinion, that is a little bit of a tight fit for most adult passengers so, we recommend that a party of 18 passengers rent a 20 passenger bus and so on.


General Questions

Is a deposit required? If so, how much money down is required to reserve a vehicle?

Yes, a deposit is definitely required. We require a deposit because when you book with us, we are setting aside a particular vehicle just for you. Which means, we will not reserve that limousine or bus for anyone else during your time-frame.

In order to ensure that you reserve the bus that you want on the date and at the time that you wish, you must pay a good faith deposit at the time of booking your reservation. This is done by credit card or debit card, by phone. The remainder of the total isn't due until the day of your event/rental. However, the amount can vary, so we'll need you to get in touch with us in order to ascertain the precise amount.

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